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Why is Money Mindset Important?

So often we get excited about something & push towards our goals without stopping to think about how we feel. But remember this - feelings drive thoughts, thoughts drive action, action drives success - so without working on your feelings, you are unlikely to reach your financial goals.

Mindset affects the way we think about EVERYTHING! Even what we believe about ourselves, which significantly impacts our successes or failures. Mindset plays a pivotal role in what we want & how successful we are in achieving our goals. Mindset influences how we handle stress, relate to others & make choices.

Negative Mindset

Having a negative mindset can lead to feelings of low self-worth, sadness & a lack of motivation. Prolonged negative thinking diminishes our brains ability to think & reason, leading us to make poor decisions, which leads back to feelings of low self-worth - the cycle continues!

Positive Mindset

On the flip side, having a positive mindset enables us to reframe challenges, see potential & rebound from inevitable setbacks. It also enables collaboration which is super impactful when you bring your partner into your financial goal setting. A positive mindset helps us make better choices & allows us to set, work & achieve goals.

I 'm sure you can see why working on your money mindset is an essential first step to reaching your financial goals. I would encourage anyone to work on their mindset before even setting financial goals.

Turning Negatives into Positives

See below for some examples of turning some of those negative things we tell ourselves into something more positive, which will help us achieve those life-changing goals we want to set for ourselves.

- "I could never afford that."

+ "I might be able to afford that, but I'm choosing to spend my money on other things."

+ "If I really want this, then I can go back to my budget & create a plan to cut back on my

spending. If this is important to me, I can absolutely make it happen!"

- "I'll never pay off this debt."

+ "Small changes make a big difference. What small changes can I make today?"

- "I'll never make as much money as I want."

+ "I'm not sure what the future holds, but I need to make the money I currently have work

for me."

+ "I do feel underpaid & I am ready to go after what I deserve through asking for a raise

and/or job searching. I am also ready to tweak my resume & possibly reach out to a job

coach for support."

Why Money Mindset is Important
Money Mindset


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