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Upcoming Financial Wellness Events


Check back for updated events as they are added!

Financial Wellness Podcasts

Podcasts with

  • Festive Funds webinar - Watch here to learn how to reduce spending AND reduce stress this holiday season!

  • Arner Adventures Financial Wellness - Join myself & the wonderful Shannon Arner as we discuss fear around money.

  • Holiday stress - I'm back on That's a Hard No podcast with Heather Drago! Listen in for tips on reducing holiday stress.

  • Wedding Budget Talk - Join me on Behind the Veil podcast to learn all about the importance of a wedding budget & how to discuss money with your partner.

Financial Wellness Book Recommendations



There are so many wonderful books, but I am listing just a few of my favorites. This list may change as I read more. 

  • The Psychology of Money, Morgen Housel - very focused on investing, but even if investing isn't your thing (which is me!) I still encourage you to read this one

  • Happy Money, Ken Honda - a lot of great mindset stuff in this one!

  • We Should All Be Millionaires, Rachel Rogers - definitely a must read for all women, but men would get a lot out of this book as well


I think reading financial books is important, but there are a ton of other great reads out there that can help you feel more confident!

  • The 12-Week Year, Brian P. Morgan - a great book for goal setting motivation!

  • BARE, Susan Hyatt - She is a weight loss coach, but even if you are in perfect physical health, I recommend this book!

  • Educated, Tara Westover - this is a great one to help you appreciate what you have and look at your upbringing in a more positive way

About: Headliner
Green Pastures
"Rachel really gets to know you, comes alongside you, and helps you help yourselves. My wife and I have found real value in her coaching and the accountability that comes along with it. She understands that money management is not only a practical matter, but an emotional one as well. Highly recommend."

Michael G. | Stow, OH
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