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Couples Financial Coaching

Money is consistently at the top of things couples argue about. My philosophy is that the money itself is not what is causing the arguments, but instead the stress is caused by a lack of communication around money. I know money conversations can be uncomfortable, & when you live with someone, money discussions are not avoidable. So if you are ready to have comfortable, calm & productive money conversations with your partner, you have come to the right place!


How it Works

My business is done virtually, from wherever makes you the most comfortable. And initial consultations are always FREE! You can schedule a time when you & your partner are both available to have a conversation about your goals & learn more about how I work with my clients. Packages include: 1 session, 3 sessions, & 10 sessions. Scheduling meetings every other week for the first few months provides the most benefits. I look forward to meeting you both!

Who Is Couples Financial Coaching For?

If you or your partner have ever struggled to have productive, respectful & stress-free money conversations, then Couples Financial Coaching is for you! If you or your partner feel uncomfortable discussing money in any way, then Couples Financial Coaching is for you! We all can use some support when it comes to discussing finances, and I am happy to support couples of all shapes & sizes, in all walks of life, & regardless of how long you have been together. 

What You'll Get

You will get a comprehensive program covering topics such as Money Mindset, Budgeting, Discussing Finances, Creating a Vision, Money Goals & so much more! You will also get a respectful, open-minded Coach who will support you along your own personalized journey.

It's time to build a stronger connection with your partner.

If you are ready to work together to discover aligned money goals with less stress, schedule a free consultation.

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