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Financial Wellness Services

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Couples Financial Wellness Coaching

Financial Coaching offers support for couples who are feeling overwhelmed. It's time to get you ready for the financial freedom you deserve. My Financial Coaching sessions are tailored to your goals. We will focus on money mindset, stress-free money conversations with your partner, an organized budget (putting you in control of your finances) & discuss ways to save, increase your credit score & pay down debt. You will be surprised by what you can learn, & how organized things can be, in just a couple of sessions. The initial introduction session is always free!

Wedding Budget Planning

Are you excited about your upcoming wedding, but feeling overwhelmed by the costs? 
Planning sessions will start by discussing what is important to you on your big day, & creating a budget for your dream wedding! my planning sessions will help you establish budget friendly solutions to ensure your wedding is not only an amazing day you'll never forget, but also doesn't cause a financial burden. We will include discussions about your general monthly budget so we can find ways to start saving for your wedding festivities! An initial introduction session is always free.

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Monthly Financial Coaching Subscription

If you are looking for financial support but one on one coaching isn't your thing, my monthly Financial Coaching subscription is what you are looking for! With the monthly plan you will receive one group meeting each month with a specific theme. Each meeting will include educational slides related to the theme for the month, as well as time for Q&A. You can sign up for 6 months or for a full year.

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Employee Financial Wellness Program

Finances are the number one stressor for American's, and when your employees feel that stress at home, they bring that into the workplace. If you are an HR professional or business owner who would like to boost employee productivity, enhance employee retention and increase your work culture, then offering your staff ways to decrease their stress around finances could be the answer. My educational presentations, workshops and individual coaching sessions help your staff build their financial confidence, leading to more motivated employees. I can create a program that fits the needs of your staff. Virtual and in-person benefits available. Please fill out the Contact form to learn more!

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