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Employee Financial Wellness Benefits

Over half of American's cite finances as their number one stressor. Stressed employees lead to reduced productivity, increased health care costs, frequent absenteeism & higher turnover rates, which directly leads to increased recruitment costs. If you are ready to boost employee productivity, increase employee retention & enhance company culture, you are in the right place!

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How it Works

My services include educational presentations, small group workshops & individual coaching sessions with your employees, all to boost employee confidence which leads to increased productivity & happier, healthier employees. All of my services can be provided in-person (in the Greater Cleveland area) & virtually. I provide discounts to nonprofit organizations. 

Why Offer Financial Wellness Benefits?

Your employees are the heart & soul of your company, & the reason your company exists. Recent studies show that 75% of working American's are stressed about their personal finances. And when your staff is stressed at home, they carry that stress into their work, which ultimately affects their happiness & your company's productivity. By providing educational opportunities during the work day, you are showing your team that you are invested in their overall health as well as their future. Providing financial presentations & workshops on the job increases morale, builds teamwork & lessens stress. Plus, employees want to stay at a company that thinks outside the box and provides them with additional benefits beyond PTO and insurance.

What You'll Get

You will get a tailored program that works to fit the needs of your company & it's employees. You can choose from large or small group presentations, small group workshops & individualized financial coaching. You can choose to provide these services in-person (if in the Greater Cleveland area) or virtually. You can also save time & money by choosing a package of consistent benefits throughout the year, or choose only specific items when you want them. However you choose this benefit, your employees will be grateful for the opportunity to feel knowledgeable & confident with their personal finances.

It's time to build a stronger, more confident workforce.

If you are ready to increase productivity & enhance workplace culture, contact me today!

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