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Wedding Budget Planning

Putting together a budget for your wedding day may certainly feel a lot less fun than dress shopping or cake tasting. However, it can alleviate so much stress from the wedding planning process that the rest of the planning becomes that much more fun! If you are feeling overwhelmed at the price of having your wedding day be everything you want, then reach out & allow me to reduce those feelings of unease & make the wedding budget planning process easy, & dare I say FUN?!


How it Works

My business is done virtually, from wherever makes you the most comfortable. And initial consultations are always FREE! You can schedule a time when you & your partner are both available to have a conversation about your wants, needs & goals of your special day. I look forward to meeting with you both!

Who Is Wedding Budget Planning For?

Are you engaged to get married? Then Wedding Budget Planning is for you! However, this process will be especially impactful if you & your partner feel stressed about having general money conversations. This stress can lead to you both struggling to articulate what you both truly want out of your day, & where the money will come from to make that happen. I have helped many couples (including myself & my partner) plan a beautiful day full of what is most important to them, & feel less stressed about the financial part of it. If you are ready to have healthy money conversations what will lead to the wedding day you both truly want, then please contact me!

What You'll Get

You will get comprehensive coaching sessions that will focus on truly understand what is important to you both on your special day. We will break down where you both truly want to spend your money, & and what aspects are less important to you. You will also get a Coach who empowers you to have the day you want, rather than planning a day that others think you should have. We will put together a complete budget with all the necessary information, to ensure there are no unexpected surprises along the way. You will also get tips, tricks & ideas to help make your day less stressful while staying on budget. I look forward to supporting you along  your personalized journey to the wedding day of your dreams.

Ready to alleviate wedding budget stress?

If you are ready to work together to understand what you truly want on your wedding day, & reduce spending anxiety, schedule a free consultation.

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