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Ways to invest in yourself

While investing in your 401K & other retirement accounts are super important, investing directly in yourself on a personal level is even more important, & often forgotten. Investing in yourself is vital for goal setting & true happiness. So even if you are doing self-care activities that do not seem tied to money, you will more easily reach your financial goals if you are investing in your emotional & mental wellbeing. Self-care can also enhance your focus, resilience & overall productivity. And on top of all that, it also reduces stress & brings about happiness. So why not invest in yourself?!

Here are some ways to invest in yourself while also keeping your budget in mind:

  • Exercise! This is absolutely different for everyone so find what works for you; you can spend money by joining a gym or workout class with a buddy, or simply go for a walk in your neighborhood or local park.

  • Call a friend - we all have those friends who don't live close by & just don't talk to enough. Skip the short texts & spend some time actually talking to someone you love.

  • Read a book/magazine - set aside dedicated time to curl up on the couch with a blanket & a good book (BONUS if you have a furry friend to cuddle up with)

  • Pamper yourself - this could be going out & spending money on a mani/pedi or facial, or invite a friend over & do these things yourself!

  • Game night - gather your friends and/or family & dust off those board games. We do this monthly & these are some of our most favorite times. :)

  • Journal - this doesn't have to be super deep; it could be simply making lists such as things you are thankful for, things that make you happy, things you dream about, etc.

  • Try something new - have you seen that advertisement for axe throwing down the street but haven't made any plans to try it out? What about the local museum that you're embarrassed to admit you've never been to? It's time to gather friends or family, or head out on your own, & try something you've never tried before!

Self-care should NOT be about never spending any money. You need to invest time & money into yourself. However, if you are someone who gets their nails done every single week & a massage twice a month, these things may start to lose their excitement & just feel like a regular day, instead of something truly meaningful. So make sure to increase your self-care & at the same time make it meaningful & important. Self-care should bring about happiness, relaxation & satisfaction.

It's time to commit - how will you begin investing in yourself?

Self-care is important | Ways to invest in yourself


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