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Looking to Social Media for financial advice

If you want bad financial advice, I recommend asking random people on social media! I have seen some frustrating "advice" on social media, but I'm about to tell you about the worst one I've seen in a long time. Someone posted anonymously stating that her credit score had recently taken a big dip after she had recently gotten married. She wanted to know if getting married effected her credit score. Someone wrote "Once married you are a new person with a new credit history to build. Hence, no rating until you've bought and paid for stuff." WHAT?!?! I am here to tell you that getting married does NOT make you a new person in ANY sense, certainly not your credit score. If your credit score is a 750 the day before you get married, it will be a 750 the day after unless you've made some drastic financial changes. The sad thing is that the person who posted it commented as if she almost believed what this person said.

Social media financial advice

Your spouse's credit score actually does not effect your credit score AT ALL! The only thing your spouse's credit score would impact is if you both applied for a loan together. If your score is a 750 and your partner's is a 650, then that could decrease your likelihood of getting a loan, because your partner has a credit score on the lower end. However, your spouse's credit score has absolutely nothing to do with your own credit score. I promise, getting married does not make you a new person. :) After reading all the comments on this post, I think what happened to this woman was that she paid off some credit cards & then immediately closed those accounts, leaving her with no credit cards & no loans, so essentially wiping our her credit history, leaving her with no credit which is just as bad as poor credit. More on how to build your credit score in future blog posts!

So if you are seeking financial advice, I beg of you to please contact a professional, or at least look up a professional on social media. Do not ask a random group of people, because we are simply not taught most things about finances, & unfortunately the average person is far from an expert. I promise that reaching out to a professional will get you the information you are looking for in a faster, more efficient & accurate way. And on the flip side, if you are not a professional & are not 100% sure about your advice, do not comment & steer someone in the wrong direction. Suggest that they follow up with a professional.


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