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Do I need a Financial Coach?

Great question! Personally I think everyone could use a session or two just to make sure their finances are organized, but not everyone would benefit from doing a deep dive into the emotions & numbers of their money with a Financial Coach. If you resonate with any of the statements below, Financial Coaching may be a good option for you.

~ I often feel overwhelmed thinking about looking at my finances - including my bank account, my budget and/or my bills.

~ I have had thoughts about financial goals, & would love to reach those goals, but something always seems to set me back.

~ My partner & I either never talk about money, or when we do it becomes a stressful, emotional conversation & doesn't feel productive.

~ My finances have recently changed quite a bit (job change with a big increase or decrease in salary, new home purchase, moved in with my partner, large specific savings goal, etc).

~ I honestly have no idea how much I typically spend on things such as groceries, going out to eat, fun & entertainment, etc.

~ We feel like we have a good income, but we never seem to have any left at the end of the month & we aren't sure why.

There are certainly many other reasons someone may want to work with a Financial Coach, but these are a few of the big ones I often see. One common misconception that I hear a lot is that if you do not have debt, you are doing just fine & don't need additional support. While this may be true for you, it is not true for everyone who does not have debt. There is a lot more that goes into how you feel about money than whether or not you owe money to a creditor.

If you do resonate with on or more of the statements above, I would encourage you to schedule a free consultation to hear a little more of what Financial Coaching is all about. I look forward to supporting you on your financial wellness journey!

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