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About: Headliner

Like most people, I did not learn about budgeting or finances in school. As a child I learned that money meant stress due to my family having very little. I grew up being afraid of money & worrying that it would disappear at any time. While my situation did teach me some negative money mindset which I carried with me for a long time, I also learned two important things - the value of money & the fact that I didn’t want to continue to live like that when I grew up.


When I was ready to graduate from college in 2003, I was determined not to let my education leave me in debt for the rest of my life. My loans totaled $25,000 & I set a goal to pay them off in 3 years. I had absolutely no plan on how I would do this, but I was determined. Having a goal & determination pushed me to prepare my very first budget & decide what I absolutely had to have and what I could do without. I also began studying & researching credit scores, interest rates, how to pay off debt & save at the same time & much more. Less than 3 years later I sent in my very last student loan payment!

Since then, I have continued to research everything related to financial wellness, including a lot about money mindset, in which I have had quite the journey myself. Now I want to help others learn the same so more people can live in financial freedom!


Don't let a house, a vacation, a wedding or a divorce put you in debt. And don't let your anxiety around money cause you to not buy that house, not go on that vacation, decide on a wedding that isn't what you truly want, or avoid a divorce simply because you are afraid of the financial consequences. I am here to help!

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